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This tool is free and no one requires any type of registration for using our tool.

Hosting Checker Tool

Wonder who is hosting a site? Our hosting checker tool can answer you.

Who is Hosting This?

To find who is hosting a website, you need only the domain as our Hosting Provider Checker Tool will do the rest job of finding hosting information of the website including the provider name, server type and location with map.

Why IP Geolocation is Important

Sometime it is needed to know who is hosting a site, for that circumstance, this tool can help you. All you need to do is to type the domain and hit the check button. Not only the name of the hosting provider, you will get much more information about the website (e.g. the location of the server with the IP address it's pointed to).

Features of our tool

The tool is designed in such way that you can get your desired information in detailed and accurately. We highlight all the important information so that it doesn't get unnoticed. The results of this tool is accurate enough to rely on. We collect information from the authentic and original sources to make sure all the information is correct.

Future plan for our website

We are actively working to introduce new tools. In the mean time, we will be updating our current tool from time to time for better productivity.

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